Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Answer the following questions if you are smoker:

  • Have you tried quitting and failed with nicotine replacement strategies such as nicotine gum or patches?
  • When going cold turkey, are the cravings hard to manage?
  • Have you managed to quit for a while but ended up smoking again?
  • Do you feel like you will never have enough “willpower” to quit?

Just because you may have answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, doesn’t mean it’s your fault that you haven’t been able to quit the cigarettes for good. You are completely normal!

The reason you haven’t been able to quit is because you haven’t yet learned to address the underlying issues behind your addiction.

woman quitting smoking breaking cigarette

Is Nicotine the Real Problem?

Most smokers will attribute their unsuccessful attempts to quit solely on the nicotine addiction, but is physical addiction to a substance all there is to it?

Let’s explore the issue in a little more depth by answering a few more questions:

  • Can you sleep through most nights without having to get up for a smoke?
  • Are you able to sit through a meal at a restaurant without having to go out for a cigarette?
  • Are you able to go on long flights without smoking?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then nicotine is not the biggest roadblock preventing you from quitting.

Nicotine addiction is different from other addictions, such as those caused by alcohol abuse and heroin. A person addicted to either of those substances will endure through horrible withdrawal symptoms, which often require hospitalization and sometimes cause death.

Nicotine withdrawal is quite mild by comparison, even though it may not feel like it at the time. Most people quitting smoking report feeling irritable and stressed, which is a long way from being physically ill.

The Real Problem

hand saying no to offer for cigaretteThe lack of severe withdrawal symptoms suggests that the real problem isn’t the nicotine addiction but is more to do with the habit. Let’s say you are a 20 a day smoker, and on average, each cigarette averages 10 drags. When you do the math, that’s up to 200 drags on a cigarette a day, which equates to a firmly embedded habit in your brain that will prove challenging to change.

A habit that has such a firm grip on your brain isn’t going to be easy to beat and is going to create some stress and irritability when you try. It’s plain to see that your withdrawal symptoms may be more to do with your habit rather than the nicotine.

If you have tried the nicotine replacement therapies, then you probably already have a firm grasp on how strong your smoking habit is. The patch may ease some of the physical cravings, but it does next to nothing for the mental triggers that cause you to whip out the pack and light up.

You immediately start thinking of cigarettes when you hit the breakroom for a coffee, finish a meal at a restaurant, start your walk to the bus stop, or have a stressful moment at work – even though you’re wearing a patch.

The Easier Way to Quit Smoking

By now, you may be thinking that if patches or gum doesn’t work, you have no hope of giving up, but there is some good news. You can retrain your brain, so it doesn’t struggle with thoughts of smoking that lead to cravings.

Counseling Arizona approaches smoking cessation from a different angle to other strategies, and each session is tailored to the individual. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is combined with Hypnotherapy to retrain your brain into giving up smoking, and it has worked on people who have been struggling with smoking addiction for many years.

Each customized program comes with one-on-one coaching and support to get your brain thinking like a non-smoker, while also developing the skills necessary to stop smoking for breaks cigarette in half and quits smoking

Your customized session will be completed in two sessions.  Here is how it works:

First Session: Preparation and Reduction of Cravings

In the first session, you will learn more about how hypnosis works and how to be successful in quitting smoking for good. I’ll talk with you about your smoking habit and what your particular triggers are. Then you will enjoy a hypnotherapy session designed to build up your confidence in yourself and your ability to successfully quit with the help of hypnosis. You’ll also receive positive suggestions that will help you reduce cravings.

Second Session: Smoking Cessation and Tips to Stay Quit with Ease

It’s quit day, so it’s a big day. First, we will review how well you have been doing in reducing cravings and I’ll answer any questions you may have. Then you will have your hypnotherapy session, which is customized just for you based on your triggers and motivation for quitting. After we complete the powerful customized hypnosis session, I will share with you some important tips on how to stay quit for the rest of your life! Now you will have everything you need to become a permanent non-smoker.

Kick the Habit Today

I quit smoking myself with hypnosis and I’m very passionate about helping others to do the same. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of her clients go on to lead healthier, happier, smoke-free lives. With a high success rate and commitment to your health, my program is highly recommended by physicians. In fact, many doctors refer their patients to my program.

If you are ready to give up the smokes, you can! I’ll guide you towards your new smoke-free life with a customized smoking cessation program that will have you kicking the habit once and for all. You can start your first steps toward your new life today by booking in your session by visiting this link: Contact Valerie