Romantic entanglements are fun and exciting, but they can spark doubt and uncertainty. You could worry about how the relationship might get in the way of your personal goals, stress about a partner losing interest, or fret over an imminent breakup.

These are all natural concerns and can show that you are invested in the relationship. However, when you are already grappling with anxiety, relationships can exacerbate the situation.

If you find yourself constantly worrying about the relationship rather than enjoying it, you may be experiencing relationship anxiety. Maybe you are terrified of the relationship ending almost as soon as it starts. This fear could become so overwhelming that you end the relationship without giving it a chance.

Understanding how anxiety can influence your behavior in a relationship is the first step towards avoiding doing something you may later regret.

Excessive Validation

Developing emotional dependence on a partner is a common occurrence in relationships. Dependance develops over time, with one partner increasingly needing validation about appearance or other qualities.

Dependent partners often misinterpret their partner’s actions, such as failing to compliment you on a new outfit or not asking about your day. You may misinterpret these imagined slights as evidence that your partner no longer finds you attractive or has lost interest. Without regular reassurance and attention, anxiety will start destabilizing the relationship.

Inability to Express Yourself

When you are unsure of the strength of the relationship, you may withdraw and avoid expressing yourself. Your reluctance to self-express comes from a desire not to do or say anything that could upset the delicate balance. If you stay silent, you can’t cause any arguments or conflicts.

A lack of arguments can create the illusion that all is well with the relationship. However, it’s a facade brought on by a lack of communication, often leaving one or both partners unfulfilled.

Doubting Your Partner

Feeling insecure in your relationship often leads to mistrust. Asking your partner who they are texting and not getting an answer or constantly fussing over where your partner is going or where they have been can fuel the mistrust and increase your anxiety.

Compatibility Concerns

Many people consider a good relationship one where partners share everything in common. However, the adage “variety is the spice of life” is just as true in relationships.

Unfortunately, a perceived lack of compatibility can be a source of anxiety for some. For example, your partner may have different tastes in music or prefer going out to staying in. If you constantly worry that the differences between you and your partner are insurmountable, you could start thinking that a breakup is inevitable.

Are you concerned that you may be grappling with relationship anxiety? If so, couples counseling can provide valuable assistance and alleviate your concerns. With a counselor’s guidance, you will learn techniques to help you enjoy your relationship rather than stress over mistaken beliefs your anxiety conjures up. Your first consultation is free, so it’s a great way to learn more about how we can help. Click here to learn more: Couples Counseling