Seven Signs You May Be Overindulging


Everyone has heard the stories about celebrities who have acted out, sometimes with embarrassing consequences, when they have lost control of their drinking. The story often ends with the celebrity acknowledging they have a problem and putting themselves through rehab. However, the signs of a drinking problem for the rest of us can be subtle, more challenging to recognize, and even easier to dismiss.


It’s tough to admit it when you have a problem with drinking. Sometimes, you may not even realize you have an issue, and it takes a friend to point out the signs that help you overcome your hesitation. Rather than wait for a friend to work up the courage to confront you, here are seven signs you may recognize in yourself that could indicate an issue with drinking.


  1. You Regularly Cross the Line You Set for Yourself


When you draw a line in the sand and tell yourself that you will stop drinking before you cross it but regularly fail to do so, then it’s a sign that you may have a problem with drinking. Most experts agree that failure to abide by the limits you set yourself is an early sign that a drinking problem is developing.


  1. Your Friends Have Discussions About Your Drinking


When your friends start talking about how much you are drinking, it should be a red flag. Your drinking might dull your senses and cloud your mind, but your friends will be aware of the growing issues.


  1. Every Social Event Includes Drinking


When your thoughts about an upcoming event with friends or family are less about the company you will enjoy and more about the drinking, then you should consider this as a sign that drinking is becoming central to your life.


  1. You Consider Alcohol as Stress Relief


We all have stresses in our life; it’s part of being human. If a bad day at the office has you turning to alcohol for stress relief, you will only add to your problem. The stress will still be there; only it will be compounded with a drinking issue.


  1. You Have Concerns About How Much You Are Drinking


Many will be aware that they are developing a drinking problem. It might be a little voice in the back of your mind, or you may feel guilty that you’ve had a few more than what’s appropriate. You should be aware that your conscious thoughts may be suppressing the voice or the guilt because you don’t want to admit there’s a problem. However, your subconscious is desperately trying to get your attention.


  1. You Get Defensive


When the drinks are flowing freely, and someone suggests you might want to take your imbibing down a notch, your immediate reaction is a defensive one. Feeling defensive about your drinking when confronted is a sure sign that drinking is becoming an issue in your life.


  1. The World Seems a Little Less Colorful


Do you feel like there is less joy and happiness in your life than there used to be? Are you starting to struggle at school or have trouble getting through a day at work? Is there a niggling feeling in the back of your mind telling you that your drinking may be behind it, and do you feel that the best time of the day is when you can pour yourself a drink and put your feet up? These are all signs pointing to a drinking issue.


This article has only scratched the surface when it comes to indicators pointing to a drinking problem. The above issues are some of the most common, but there are many more. If you notice any of the above problems creeping into your life, then it’s time you took stock and examined your drinking patterns.


You don’t have to face your drinking problem alone. Get in touch with a counselor to discover the resources available that can help.  Discover more by clicking here: Habits and Addictions