It’s always easier to break a bad habit when you can replace it with a more positive one. Identifying your negative habits and replacing them with healthier ones is an excellent way to start creating a more positive outlook on life.

Consider the negative habits you currently have, and then think of one positive one that you could replace it with.


Think of ways you can switch out the negative habit with a positive version.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Habit #1

Negative habit to replace:  Watching the news during breakfast.

Positive habit replacement:  Discover and listen to positive and uplifting podcasts.

Habit #2

Negative habit to replace:  Falling asleep every night on the couch while bingeing Netflix.

Positive habit replacement:  Start an online yoga or fitness course.

Habit #3

Negative habit to replace:  Scrolling endlessly on social media.

Positive habit replacement:  Call a friend and have a real chat.

Habit #4

Negative habit to replace:  Drinking sugary soda at dinner time.

Positive habit replacement:  Replace the soda with a calorie-free beverage.

Habit #5

Negative habit to replace:  Eating junk food while watching TV.

Positive habit replacement: Find something else to do with your hands, such as knitting or doing a puzzle.

Changing a negative habit to a positive one can be quite challenging. If you’ve tried to do it on your own and have been unsuccessful, a therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy can show you the steps to make it easier.

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