Many of us have a complicated relationship with food. Food has meaning and deep associations with holidays, celebrations, and hanging out with family.

Complicated relationships with food lead many of us to seek it out as a source of comfort after a trying day at the office, or an argument with a spouse. Unfortunately, the food choices most of us make during these difficult times are high calorie, high-fat snack foods. The relief they provide is fleeting at best, but our over-indulgence has long-lasting and profound effects.

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Occasionally, we will know the source of the compulsion that drives us to emotional indulgence, but there will be times when we

will be oblivious of the reason for our cravings.

When you use hypnosis for weight loss, you interrupt the emotional response to eating. The process severs the tie between the food and the associated emotion.

As you slip further into a relaxed, trance-like state, you will be acutely aware of the thoughts that circle food, weight, and exercise. You will come to realize that thoughts have no inherent value and will become enlightened to the idea that you have options and can establish new thoughts and beliefs.

Here’s a brief example of how hypnosis may work for you.

Your subconscious mind might be harboring thoughts that you are not able to cope with stress, and that sweet pastries are a source of relief.

Hypnosis will help you recognize, challenge, and change that belief. You can cope with stress without turning to sweet pastries, and by doing so, you avoid the shame and guilt that follow from caving into your cravings.

You will also learn that there are more effective strategies for dealing with stress that doesn’t come with an abundance of calories, such as meditation, exercise, and creative endeavors. These are also measures you can use for improving your overall wellbeing and emotional outlook over the long-term.

Hypnosis helps you change the internal narrative you are continuously telling yourself to reconstruct your associations with food, hunger, and emotions. You will discover what it will take for you to nourish your physical body and cultivate your inner world.

Getting in touch with your subconscious mind will help you make conscious choices about your fitness and diet and sever the ties you have wrought between your emotions and the food you eat.

Weight Loss and Hypnosis FAQ

  1. Will hypnosis reduce or eliminate cravings?

There is no need to be ashamed of your cravings because they are part of being human. However, if cravings gain control over the choices you make, they can become an issue.

Hypnosis does not seek to eliminate cravings. Instead, it helps to reduce their power and influence over the decision-making process. If you are put in the way of temptation, you will be able to pause and take stock of the situation and reflect on the long-term outcomes, rather than react compulsively.

You will recognize that feeling like doing something is not a good enough reason for doing so.

  1. Will hypnosis make me dislike my favorite foods?

Far from it! Hypnosis is all about helping you make conscious decisions to enjoy your favorite foods but in moderation. By doing so, you avoid all the guilt, as well as the weight gain from overindulging.

Remember, even though you enjoy a food, you never appreciate how you feel after overeating it, too often.

Hypnosis focuses on instilling a positive belief that you and your body are deserving of good health and happiness.

  1. Does hypnosis make me want to make healthier food choices?

Yes, but it goes way beyond that. Hypnosis also builds your self-esteem and confidence, so you know you can trust that your choices will lead you closer to achieving your goals.

Hypnosis is not a surface treatment. It gets down into the root of the problem by healing old wounds and forging new pathways for developing self-empowerment and achieving good health.

  1. Does hypnosis ‘reprogram’ me to follow a specific diet?

Hypnosis is not a fad diet. It has nothing to do with diet. No, you will not be ‘reprogrammed’ to eat only certain foods. You will learn about your specific dietary needs and how to get your subconscious mind to work for you by tapping into its existing knowledge about nutrition.

More importantly, hypnosis gives you control over your eating choices. You will learn to frame your food choices around your goals, rather than make rash decisions based on emotions.

  1. Will I need to exercise as well as make better food choices?

It is possible to lose weight by diet alone, but exercise will provide further benefits that are worth pursuing. Exercise will improve your outlook, boost your self-confidence, lift your mood, and accelerate your weight loss efforts. Plus, the benefits to your cardiovascular health and muscle tone can’t be overlooked.

woman lying down with ear plugsBut you don’t need to do tough, unpleasant workouts or train for a marathon to get the health benefits of exercise. Studies have found that many who have successfully lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off simply engage in a regular activity that they find enjoyable, such as walking, bike riding, swimming, dancing, or tennis.

If you are someone who doesn’t like exercise, hypnosis can help you to be more motivated to be active on a consistent basis.

  1. When will I start seeing results?

People who are sensitive to mindset changes will notice those changes in as little as a single session. Some people may not see as speedy a result, but most will notice the changes after two or three sessions.

The physical changes of your new mindset – eating mindfully and combating cravings – should be noticeable on the scale fairly quickly.

It’s important to know that hypnosis cannot speed up weight loss, as it’s not a crash diet or quick fix. Hypnosis is a tool that helps you make healthy adjustments to your diet that you can sustain long term.

If you continue with treatment and persist in making long-lasting healthy choices and add regular exercise to your week, you will start to realize the benefits shortly.

Unlike fad and crash diets, the weight you lose will not pile back on. Imagine getting the weight off and keeping it off for good!

  1. How soon can I start?

There’s no reason to delay using hypnosis for weight loss, and you can put yourself on the path to a healthier, happier life today if you like. Give Valerie a call to find out how.

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis May Be the Solution You Have Been Looking For

Countless people have used hypnosis to lift them out of their battle with their weight. A path towards healing and change will be revealed by forging a link between your conscious and subconscious minds.

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