Depression is a hard condition to live with, regardless of the symptoms you may be dealing with daily. When depression is in full swing, getting out of bed can often be your biggest challenge.


Depression and sleep disturbances can go hand-in-hand and starting the day can feel like a significant achievement if you can manage it. What you need is a morning routine to help you clear the fog from your mind and give you a brighter outlook.

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  1. Take it Slow and Start by Sitting Up


Plump your pillows and try to sit up in bed. Keep an extra pillow handy if you need a bit more back support.


The simple act of sitting up can trigger the little bit of motivation you need to go the rest of the way, get out of bed, and start getting ready for the day.


  1. Think About What You’re Going to Have for Breakfast


The first cup of coffee is something you probably look forward to when depression hasn’t taken hold, so start by thinking about how good it’s going to taste and how you will feel afterward. Now think about the type of breakfast food that will go great with your morning cuppa.


Unfortunately, if depression has stolen your appetite, thinking about food may not be the best way to start your day. Keep in mind that eating something in the morning will help get you up, even if it’s just a bowl of cereal and milk.


If you’re on any medication that you take in the morning, then it’s always a good idea to take it on a full stomach (unless otherwise directed, of course).


  1. Try the Old Standby – an Alarm Clock


Pick the most annoying ring tone on your phone and set that as your alarm in the morning. Put it just out of reach, and it won’t be long before you’re motivated enough to get out of bed to turn it off. Of course, you could always slide back in, but another alarm set just a few minutes after and placed in the kitchen might be a good trick to stop you from doing that.


  1. Practice Being Grateful


Keep a pad and pen by your bed and try writing down something you feel grateful for, such as an understanding wife or husband, or some good quality coffee in the kitchen cupboard.


Another idea is to write it down just before bed and then re-read it in the morning.


Pets can also help you get out of bed. Knowing that your pets need you to look after them can create a powerful incentive to start moving. Spending some quality time with your animals can also provide some much-needed emotional nourishment.


  1. Create a Routine


If you usually wait to get to work to check your emails, try doing it on your phone as soon as you wake up. If you use your phone as the alarm in the tip above, you will have to get out of bed to use it.


Avoid the risk of getting too absorbed with your phone and keep it to around 15-minutes or so. You can avoid temptation by making sure you don’t have any distracting games or social media apps installed.


This is just one idea for a routine, but the important thing is to create one that you will enjoy doing as it gives you something to look forward to and a reason to get out of bed.


Bonus Tips


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Sip your morning coffee on the porch while you enjoy the sunrise.

Try a short meditation to get your mind in a settled, peaceful state.

Perform a few gentle yoga stretches to warm up the muscles and get the blood flowing.

Put on some upbeat music while you enjoy your breakfast.

Find the joy in your self-care routine, and be grateful that you are still looking after yourself.


If you are experiencing depression, it is important to get help. Discover more about getting counseling by clicking here: Depression Treatment