7 Reasons Why You Should Get Help


heart shape in green bushesSign #1: Poor or Lack of Communication


When communication between couples degrades into a vicious cycle of arguments and contention, distressed couples frequently lament about how they are rehashing the same arguments over and over. Staying silent and withdrawing can be just as damaging.


Partners who are unable to engage in positive dialogue often feel ignored, neglected and insecure. Avoidance will set people on course for relationship failure as unspoken grievances build resentment behind walls of discontent that will eventually crumble and break.


Couples therapy can teach you and your partner skills to improve communication and resolve conflicts successfully.


Sign #2: No Sign of the “Spark”


Issues between couples can create an environment more akin to roommates who tolerate each other rather than intimate loving couples. Communication is out of necessity only, and deep and meaningful conversations are a thing of the past. Couples say they feel like they have an empty coexistence, which is often a prelude to divorce.


Couples counseling can help rekindle the spark and reforge the connection felt when first they fell in love. So too, will developing a deeper understanding of the forces that put them on the path to their emotional division.


Sign #3: Children


Parents love their kids unconditionally, but the stress of the responsibilities and other issues that come with children can be overwhelming and stretch a relationship to breaking point. Understandably, child-rearing adds another level of complexity to relationships, which is supported by the fact that 75% of couples report diminished marital satisfaction after the first child’s arrival.


Couples therapy can assist you and your partner in finding ways to navigate parenting challenges while getting your relationship back on track.


Sign #4: Incompatible Sex Drives and Missing Intimacy


A shift in expectations regarding intimacy can cause quarrels and lead to frustration. The reasons for a lack of intimacy are many and often subtle; life changes, stress, depression, medication, hormone changes and work schedules can all negatively influence a couple’s level of intimacy. During therapy sessions, couples can explore the influences that are often the cause of a lack of intimacy and work at resolving them so they can get back on the path to compassion and a level of intimacy that is compatible for both.


Sign #5: Repeating History


There are certain relationship events, like affairs, that are catastrophic to relationships and marriage, with both partners feeling the impact in many ways. During the fallout, there will be feelings of betrayal, despondence, depression, and rejection. Couples therapy can help you explore the emotions and reasons that keep you mired in the past. When you understand more about your emotional states, you can put yourself on the road to recovery.


Sign #6: Arguments Over Money


couple holding handsFinancial disagreements can be a contributing factor to conflicts in many relationships. When partners can’t agree on handling finances, arguments can quickly escalate into shouting matches without resolution. If your relationship is stressed because of finances, couples counseling can provide the view of an objective third party and help you work towards a compromise.


Every relationship requires a committed effort, but if one or both partners feel they are disconnecting, the relationship can become unstable. Ignoring the signs may lead to break-up or divorce, but couples therapy can help you remember the love you had and can continue to enjoy in the future if you both put in the effort.


For more information about how therapy can help your relationship, visit here: Couples Counseling.