Couples Counseling

In Person and Online Therapy Available for Couples

Considering Couples Counseling?

  • Do you feel like you and your partner have grown apart?
  • Are discussions turning into arguments, leaving you feeling hurt and angry?
  • Do you feel misunderstood in your relationship?
  • Are you longing for the closeness and intimacy you once had?
  • Do you worry that your relationship is in trouble?

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Most of us are aware that a perfect relationship does not exist. But when we fall in love, we expect things will continue to run smoothly. So it can be disappointing and painful when you lose connection and feel like you and your partner have grown apart.

Relationship dynamics change over time. You and your partner may have had certain expectations in the beginning and feel disappointed that these have not been fulfilled. The pressures of life, such as work or parenting responsibilities, may also be creating increased friction.

Conflicts in a relationship are common. But when conflicts affect your connection and trust then disappointment and disconnection become unavoidable. Over time, you may start to feel lonely and isolated from your partner.

You may have tried to talk with your partner about the lack of warmth and closeness. But when you try to discuss important issues, the result is that it only causes more misunderstandings, leaving you even more disappointed and frustrated. You may even be so tired of arguing that you’re thinking of ending the relationship and finding a more compatible partner.

If you feel that salvaging your relationship is hopeless, couples counseling can provide you with a new skillset to not only save it, but also create a long and happy future together.

Every Couple Faces Challenges and Struggles

Problems in a relationship are unavoidable. You may be experiencing communication issues or ongoing arguments. Your relationship may struggle with overcoming unfaithfulness or intimacy problems. You may also feel emotionally disconnected and you aren’t sure how to rekindle the closeness that you felt in the beginning when you first got together.

Life changes such as your children leaving for college, caregiving your aging parent, or moving to another city due to a job change, may affect you or your partner’s emotional life and behavior. Such changes can lead to difficulties in communication and cause a strain in your relationship.

Relationship issues may feel overwhelming and severely affect other areas of your day-to-day life, leaving you feeling stressed out all the time. But you can overcome your challenges and rekindle your connection with the help of couples counseling.

Get Back on Track with Couples Therapy

When two people decide that their relationship is worth saving, couples counseling can be a very effective solution. Regardless of your reasons for seeking couples counseling, an experienced and empathetic counselor can help you address the challenges, start the recovery process, and build strong coping strategies to help you manage possible difficulties in the future.

Relationship challenges can be difficult to overcome without having good communication skills. However, most of us did not learn effective conflict resolution skills growing up in our families. The good news is that these skills can be learned and practiced in couples counseling.

What Happens in Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling provides a compassionate and confidential environment where you can feel heard, understood and safe while working on your issues. During our sessions, we’ll address your individual needs, wishes, doubts, worries, and other important feelings. We will work on improving your communication with each other so you can more easily resolve your differences.

Couples counseling can empower you to learn how to safely open up to your partner about your feelings, thoughts, and needs in a respectful but assertive way. You’ll develop skills to effectively and confidently express yourself in a way that your partner can finally “get” you.

In counseling, you’ll both learn how to actively listen and validate each other’s feelings, even if you disagree or feel upset. You and your partner will be able to better understand each other in order to reduce misunderstandings and resolve your differences more peacefully.

Couples counseling can also address your intimacy issues. You and your partner may have different intimacy expectations and needs, which may deeply affect your relationship, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness, and rejection. Couples counseling is a safe place to discuss this subject, understand the reasons for your intimacy problems and discover ways to restore emotional closeness and physical intimacy.

If You Have More Questions About Couples Therapy…

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Should we just wait and see if our relationship gets better with time?

Unfortunately, most relationship issues don’t go away with time. On the contrary, if you ignore the problems, they will most likely accumulate and escalate over time. The sooner you seek couples counseling and start working on your issues, the sooner things between and your partner will begin to improve. While you may be reluctant to reach out for help, seeking counseling is a sign of strength and courage.

My partner never listens to me, won’t couples counseling just be a waste of time?

If you don’t feel heard in your relationship, then couples therapy can teach you how to communicate your needs and feelings more successfully. You and your partner will also learn how to listen supportively in order to gain deeper empathy for one another. With these improved communication skills, you’ll feel much more understood, and so will your partner.

Does couples counseling really work?

According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, research demonstrated that 93% of couples who participated in couples counseling reported that they felt it helped them to learn helpful tools for dealing with their relationship problems. Couples therapy helps you develop new skills for overcoming parenting challenges, money issues, intimacy problems and differences of opinion.*

What if our issues are too big to be solved in couples therapy?

Couples counseling can be beneficial no matter how complex your problems may seem. Deciding not to seek help for your relationship problems can only make them worse. Couples counseling helps you understand your problems and navigate the changes that happen in your relationship.

Isn’t couples counseling expensive?

Like all other good things in life, relationships need effort and commitment. Your emotional connection with your partner is important and keeping that connection strong often requires professional support. Think of couples counseling as making an investment in your future happiness.

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What if my partner doesn’t want to come to counseling? Should I still come?

Sometimes, one partner may be uncomfortable or unwilling to share their personal life with a therapist. If your partner doesn’t want to come to counseling, you can still benefit from starting counseling on your own. Therapy can help you to deal with the stress of your relationship problems and learn communication skills that could be beneficial, making a big difference in your relationship.

It’s Easy to Get Started with Couples Counseling

Why not get started today to begin to rebuild your connection with your partner? Often, it only takes one or two sessions to notice significant improvement in your relationship.

If live in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley, take the first step by calling 602-992-4318 to make an appointment for a complimentary phone consult. I’d love to help you and your partner to create a happier future together.



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