Have you or your significant other ever drawn a connection to a real-life scenario when watching something?

Couples often fall into the trap of comparing their relationship to popular movies and TV shows. Even though your significant other may be your superhero, TV and movies aren’t a realistic representation of life and you shouldn’t compare or model your relationship after them.

There’s More Underneath Than What’s on the Surface

woman reaching back in skyCharacters in movies and TV shows only display a very simplistic version of what actually goes on in life. There is always going to be missing context. In life outside of the movies, you have no choice but to experience everything, not just what you pick and choose.

So remember, most of what you see on the screen is fiction. That’s especially true for something that you’re drawn to compare your relationship to. Producers often glorify character qualities and relationships because it draws us to them.

Remember the Goals of Producers

Remember that those who are producing the movies and TV shows that you’re watching have their own motives. Among those motives is to draw in an audience to their characters’ lives and qualities. While the characters and stories that producers create might make for a great watch, they can also lead to harmful, unrealistic expectations.

It’s not too complicated, or some drawn out conspiracy theory. If there’s one thing you take away from this point, just remember this – the goal of people creating movies and TV shows is to make a profit, not to give you a realistic concept of a relationship.

Don’t Focus on Comparing

While there are areas of overlap, our lives are unique. Moreover, our relationships are unique. Don’t assume that because you perceive someone else’s relationship to be better than yours that it actually is. Every relationship has its own unique challenges, which often lie beneath the surface of basic perception.

Another important thing to remember is comparing your relationship to others can be a distraction from the great relationship that you have. Even if you and your partner are struggling, stick to solutions like couples counseling rather than comparing yourself to other relationships.

The Same Goes For Social Mediawoman hugging man around shoulders

The same rules apply to social media. Social media pages are simply what people choose to display about their lives and their relationships. For that reason, similar to movies and TV shows, we typically only see the good side of things. With social media, it can be even more prevalent in our lives, given how often some people use social media.

Couples Counseling Can Help Bring you Back to Reality and Away from Comparisons

The hard truth is that it can be hard to avoid comparing sometimes. Especially given how much technology is a part of our lives now. We constantly put images in our mind about how we think things should be, realistic or not. Couples counseling can give needed support for you and your significant other, to develop realistic expectations of each other and the relationship.

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