multi colored background with couple arguingIf you have ever wondered what life would be like stranded on a desert island with your significant other, then the pandemic may have created a reasonable facsimile of how it would pan out. If nothing else, the coronavirus outbreak is highlighting just how unpredictable life can be and that nothing in life is guaranteed.


People are out of work, and businesses are shutting their doors; many may never reopen. Even multibillion-dollar organizations thought to be too big to fail now face bankruptcy.


The uncertainty extends to our personal lives, with previously unshakeable relationships finding themselves on rocky ground. No one saw it coming, but the new social distancing regulations have quickly replaced normal life and now rules every moment of our lives.


We’ve gone through some tough time since the pandemic started, but they aren’t over yet. The research says we need to hold out for a few more months, at least.


Close quarters living will take its toll on even the most loving relationships. If there were already underlying tensions within the partnership, then the struggle to cope could be even more challenging.


Warning Signs of a Troubled Marriage


  • The two of you have lots of arguments.
  • You spend more time away from each other.
  • You both fight dirty.
  • You always have the same argument about the same thing.
  • There are more instances of regular arguments derailing into screaming matches.
  • You feel indifferent to each other.
  • You have become emotionally detached.
  • Fights happen in front of your kids more often.
  • There is a lot of nitpicking and nagging from both sides.
  • You don’t have fun together anymore, and your spouse spends more of their free time away from you.
  • You never have anything nice to say to each other.
  • You no longer discuss your feelings with each other.
  • You are disrespectful of one another.
  • There are inequality issues concerning decision making and gender roles.
  • You can never agree on values or goals.
  • You are suspicious of each other and lack trust.
  • There is low or no sexual intimacy in your marriage.
  • Teasing has become hurtful instead of lighthearted and fun.
  • There are secrets between you.
  • You think marital stress may be making you physically sick.
  • You have no time for each other and are resistant to making time.
  • Your spouse keeps all their texts and phone calls private.
  • Your spouse has reignited old relationships with past partners on social media.
  • Your spouse attempts to keep you isolated from friends and family.
  • You find out your spouse is lying about money, has become more frugal, or is hiding money, and is more controlling over your finances.
  • You feel happier when your spouse leaves the house.
  • You have come to realize that there is physical or emotional abuse within the marriage.
  • You or your partner have considered an extra-marital affair in real life, online, with physical or emotional involvement.


Use Therapy to Sort Through Your Issues


golden sun reflecting on a waveRelationships all have their hurdles to overcome, and it is often the case that the people involved are too close to the problem to see a solution. A helping hand from outside of the relationship from an objective third party will help shed some light on the situation and lead you towards a resolution.


The act of committing to marriage counseling from both of you shows that the relationship still has something of value and is worth saving. Think of therapy as unbiased yet professionally delivered advice.


If your relationship is struggling through the current state of quarantine because of the coronavirus, don’t try to get through it alone. Therapy is still available through video chat or phone conferencing.

Learn more about getting help for your relationship here: Couples Counseling