Crying is often viewed as a sign of weakness, but its actual function is to keep us connected with the world in a way that helps us celebrate all that is good and positive while allowing us to shed the negative.


Check out these seven reasons why crying is okay:


  1. There are Health Benefits in Tears


Tears are one of the body’s natural defenses against the germs we pick up in public places. Every time we cry, toxins are released, and bacteria are destroyed. Our body works around the clock to stop foreign invaders from getting in and will do whatever it takes, so feel free to cry for your good health.


  1. Crying Provides Stress Relief


Laura Bylsma, a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida in Tampa, says that crying helps the body release stress hormones and toxins from the body. It’s also a function of the parasympathetic nervous system that helps us relax. If you have ever wondered why it can feel so good to cry, then that is the likely reason.


  1. Crying Helps Us Work Through Grief and Loss


It’s always terrible to lose a loved one, and the only relief we have from the pain are tears and hugging from close friends and family.


Many of us will hold back the flood for the sake of others, but it’s not the healthiest approach when dealing with grief.


Crying is expected when you’re going through the pain of loss, so don’t feel like you need to bottle it up because others might feel uncomfortable, most likely they  won’t.


  1. Tears Provide Relief from Depression


People say you will feel better after a good cry because it’s true. Crying releases tension and helps your body regulate emotional extremes. Never feel embarrassed about having a good cry when you’re feeling low. Just think of it as your body’s way of helping you manage your mental health.


  1. Tears show you How to Feel When You Aren’t So Sure


Most of us will be able to remember a time when we cried because we didn’t know what to do or how to feel. Occasionally, life can be overwhelming, and the thought of trying to figure it all out just seems like too much.


In these circumstances, a good crying session may be what you need most. You will release some stress, make yourself feel better, and get the brain into gear. Once the crying session is over, you will likely have a fresh burst of creative energy and have new and creative ideas about how to tackle the challenges life is currently putting in your path.


  1. Crying Helps Relieve Pain


Not only can a good cry be incredibly soothing, but the tears also coincide with a release of oxytocin and endorphins. These are the brains’ natural feel-good chemicals, so it’s no wonder we always feel better after crying.


  1. Crying Attracts Support from Others


A crying person is usually a person in need. When most people see someone in tears, their first thought is to reach out and offer comfort.


We talked earlier about suppressing your tears for the comfort of others and how it might not be the best thing for you. It’s important to realize that if you make a habit of forcing back the tears, you may get to a point where you won’t be able to recognize your feelings and what they mean.


So, let it all out and cry with pride. Crying is a natural bodily function with numerous health benefits, including helping your mental health and providing stress relief. It’s also an excellent aid to getting you through all the trying times in your life, such as when you lose a loved one.


Know When to Seek Help


Frequent crying may be a sign of depression which may not resolve on its own. If you suspect that you may be struggling with symptoms of depression, there are many options to help you heal and feel better. To learn more about counseling and how it could benefit you, click here: Depression Treatment.